Hunx and His Punx in Chicago

Ever been a queer boy laying on the floor watching Cry Baby dreaming that your Johnny Depp would turn gay and swoop you away? Well guess what kidos, all your Grease Lightning fantasies just came true. Bringing you the best of bubblegum pop, Seth “Hunx” Bogart teams up with Shannon Shaw on bass and vocals, for an incredible mash-potato dive on “Lovers Lane.” Shaw’s voice drills with 60’s backup girl band anguish and Bogart swills with nasal lullabies on the also Shaw-written, “The Curse of Being Young.” Queer-bop? Doowap-fem? Hunx and His Punx clash flamboyant 50’s sweetheart serinades and gritty gay punk aesthetic on their far out sophomore release, Too Young To Be In Love.

Band leader, Seth, always dreamed of being the starlet of his own punkette band, where his high pitch grime would lead the way for his diva tendencies. Rumored to attack his audience with naked kisses and brilliant queerness, don’t miss this oldies-style goodie. Since the Hunx release of Gay Singles LP (True Panther Sounds/Matador Records, 2009), their first real-deal studio record, Too Young To Be In Love brings the best of that flamboyant, boy-wishing-he-was-a-girl band ditty.

Hunx and His Punx at Empty Bottle on 4/29/2011

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