Grails has something dauntingly intelligent and ubiquitous about them. Their latest album “Deep Politics,” should be the soundtrack for a political thriller, with reference to Middle Eastern melodies, subtle Native American flutes and rock riffs laced in jazzy buildups. The title for the album referencing parapolitics, The War Conspiracy, and cultural undertones via Peter Dale Scott’s investigations on drug trafficking. Released on Temporary Residence, this eerie experimental sound scape not only edges on themes of melancholy politics but dances with gender and sexual deviance with their haunting track, “Daughters Of Bilitis.” For all you non-queers and pseudo-acadamics, the aforementioned DOB is commonly known as the first, lesbian rights organization to mobilize in the U.S.

Emil’s solo act Holy Sons, which received less notoriety than Grails, is definitely worth checking out, along with their friends, Pelican. Hailed as “the premier instrumental rock act of the upper Northeast Portland area,” Grails’ romantic pianos and crashing cymbals are delicate yet dangerous. Don’t miss out on the sonic-landscape of treacherous intent. There video’s are equally engaging, dark, mysterious, sensual and evasive.

Grails at Empty Bottle at April 30, 2011

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