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You’re sitting in your apartment a little stoned and listening to what sounds like millions of dogs bark in unison outside. The evening is fading and you’re not sure what you’re feeling about Diego Garcia. “Who is Laura and why is this heifer stepping up on my man?” is your initial thought. Despite, these insecurities, you allow Diego to take you over. His music embarks you on a journey. His symphony-pop and folk-funk astound.

The world starts to unwind from thoughts of transcendentalism to the promise of intellectual salvation. From its haunting first hook, “You will always be inside my heart,” to its beach bunny/night acid trips, that iced piña Marinel Choco Role you just devoured and the emails to still send… there is melodic repose. Diego Garcia wistfully captures the temporal solitude of life. While the dogs bark, and each track places itself alongside a memory in your life, you start to understand Laura, the heartache she caused, and of course, Diego Garcia’s quiet longing for her.

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