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Gozamos is proud to announce our role as the co-associate director of the brand new Chicago chapter of LATISM. We are excited to take on this new endeavor and hope that you’ll join us in supporting this valuable organization. Sounds great, you say, but what exactly is LATISM?

LATinos In Social Media, or LATISM for short, is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering Latinos through social media. LATISM has built the largest online community for Latino social media professionals (and beginners). By creating an online presence where peers can network, LATISM hopes to not only create a space in a medium where Latino/as are underrepresented, but also ensure that our community is able to utilize every aspect of social media to its fullest extent. That could mean ensuring Latino businesses have a presence in the social media world, using social media to support important causes, or helping one another find or create jobs in this new industry. Essentially, the  world is beginning to take notice of the importance and impact of social media, especially in the wake of what happened in Egypt, and LATISM strives to make sure the Latino community is involved in every step of this developing sector.

It  should be apparent by now that the key to LATISM achieving its goals is networking, networking, networking. Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Use the #latism hashtag. If you are following us on Twitter, you’ve probably seen us tweet the #latism hashtag, which gets over 10 million impressions daily. Add it to news you want to share with the LATISM community, or track it to read the latest news relevant to Latinos in social media.
  2. Join the LATISM Twitter Party. If you’ve noticed a trend of heavy #latism usage on Thursday nights, you’d be right. Every Thursday at 8 pm CST, there is a LATISM Twitter party, where we gather to discuss topics relevant to Latinos. Topics run the gamut from education to Afro-Latino heritage, to last week’s topic: Latina women. During these Twitter parties we share our opinions and ideas and often meet new colleagues along the way.
  3. Attend the Chicago LATISM Meet-up. LATISM is about building community online and offline. On Monday, March 21, the Chicago chapter of LATISM will be holding its next meet-up. New members are always welcome, so please feel free to join us if you are interested. In November, Chicago will also be host to LATISM’s Annual National Conference. This bilingual conference will be the centerpiece gathering of the year for LATISM, focusing on public service, business leadership and personal influence and community.
  4. Register, follow, and like! Add yourself to the growing directory on LATISM’s new website. Find the Chicago chapter on Facebook, and follow the executive team on Twitter, especially Elianne Ramos, who met with Gozamos to discuss LATISM. Check out the podcast below.

We encourage you all to get involved with LATISM, whether it be through attending meetings, or even just retweeting the LATISM hashtag. After all, as that old adage goes, there is strength in numbers. LATISM is proving that.

Elianne Ramos, Latinos in Social Media – Gozamos.tv Ep. 8

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