Night Owl costume by local artist Jimena Schlaepher

Club Cobra, better known for its representation of major Mexican indie bands, branched off into its first Festival Internacional de Mujeres Mexicanas this past Monday, March 21, 2011.

With an incredible line up of talented women from across the full range of Mexican indie, almost every genre was represented. From the DJ stylings of EsaMiPau! to the norteño-cumbias of Amandititita. The festival rocked, juked, jammed and slammed.

Check out the photos and video, of this, the very first FIMM. Watch out, next years gonna be hot. Back stage I got to chat it up with Monterrey born, Quiero Club star, Marcela Viejo. With assassinated associates and criminal chaos abound, Viejo noted the moved to D.F. as partially  professional as well.

Backstage, I was also able to interview Danette and Emilio of our favorite electro, pop-house classics, Sonido Lasser Drakar (more to come). Needless to say, some Mexican sun and the vibrant performances by Niña Dioz and stunning DJ by EsaMiPau! were well worth the sweat and dirt in the gardens of el D.F.’s incredible Centro Nacional de las Artes. My only complaint… the barrier between the brown folk in the crowd and the guerros (myself included) on the stage and back.

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