Album Review: Jef Barbara’ Contamination

Few albums can excite sexual splendor the way Jef Barbara’s debut LP Contamination most definitely does. Not since the West first caught wind of Air has a French and English language electro with soft-rock disco, dandy diversions ever felt so good. Contamination calls for a quintessential queer and colored aesthetic that defiantly shatters and shimmers. Barbara’s voice whispers and quivers. His music coils fingers through your hair. His lyrics seduces without coyness. Part Prince, part Neon Indian, this French New Wave fairy slicks with low down lounging lullabies. The Montreal-born pop protege just made life a little more bearable. Beware, “Les Homosexuelles” or “Wild Boys” might replace “Sexy Boys” or George Michael’s “Faith” as your personal anthems.

Buy Contamination, available now through AMDISCS.

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