Tennis at Lincoln Hall | 2/22 | 9:00pm | 18+ | $12.00

From philosophy class in college to marina matrimony, these doowop, beach bunny, sailor sensations will cast sail and anchor in your heart. Cape Dory offers a delightful drift of buoyant melodies and simple compositions. Catchy, and nostalgic these kids make sailing across the Atlantic seem effortless and their musical manifestations, set at half mast, might make you think making music as easy, breezy as a long, tranquil day at sea. Alaina Moore swills with Neko Case calm and airy indifference. Leaving the roar of civilization behind Cape Dory not only ebbs and flows like an ocean tide, it nourishes and sustains, with salty salience and sultry introspection. The quiet, echoing call of crashing waves and seagulls glide from track to track. Left in loves’ daydream, try not to sink too far into the swimming depths of this sweetheart harmony.

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