Skrillex at The Mid, 2/11

With his recent Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites EP decimating iTunes at number one on the dance charts, it’s no wonder 14 of his last 30 shows have sold out. The 23 year old, emo-looking miscreant looks more like your annoying hyperactive little cousin, but his fast paced dubstep blend of blunt and bludgeoning beats might let you overlook his tragic hairstyles. Leave your Ritalin at home. After you slice your wrists and squirt blood all over the dance floor, be sure to pat this kid on the back for his brilliant addition to this years’ stellar line up of psycho-rave electro intensities. On tour with Tommy Lee (who’s that guy?), Sonny Moore promises the work out of your life. Get your New Years resolutions in gear. I’m sure you’ll loose a couple pounds of excess maturity and sanity at this set. “Kill Everybody,” by far the best track onScary Monsters and Nice Sprites, will offer a tranquil, Christian Bale in American Psycho tone to the night.

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