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One of the most anticipated returns of the year, The Dirtbombs blow a whole into the ozone with this pièce de résistance, Party Store, their garage-rock interpretations of Detroit techno classics. Instead of standing as one man pony acts, these nimble mashings of distinct and bifurcating cultures, mollifies all contentions between opposing the genres. No more shall the electro-technotons segregate themselves from their rock ‘n roll roots. The grunge groovers shall forever be bound in brotherhood with their once rhythmic rivals. Through acid jazz harmonies and post-punk crescendos, The Dirtbombs have reconciled decades of meaningless divisions between sub-cultures and created a work that stands as a testament to music’s universality. Party Store brings the cymbals to techno’s metallic indifference and put the soul back in the snare drum. The surprising rendition of Kevin Saunderson’s “Good Life,” adds a weathered wisp to the optimism of the original. “Tear the Club Up,” will burn wholes in many floors for the next year. Listening to Party Store is like what it must have felt like to have seen that fleeting moment when punk and hip-hop coexisted in the 80’s.

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