The New Year is off to a good start. Don’t miss the Chicago tour stop of Lyrics Born, promoting his recently released album, As U Were, in stores now. Funkster, producer, label exec and lyricist-at-large, Lyrics Born offers the best of underground, upbeat, pop/hip-hop, dance beats and profundity. His blithe rhymes resound with mature positivity. Every track on As U Were is masterfully composed. Lyrics Born sounds like a cross between Cee Lo and Denizen Kane, with plenty of soul and sophistication. There are so many songs on this album that will get you up and bouncing all around town. As U Were is the perfect album to pop in while running some errands or to blast while gearing yourself up, picking your outfit for a great night out. From hip-hop love songs, ’70s soul and disco tracks, club bangers and freestyle flows, Lyrics Born’s deep voice and playful poetics will get stuck in your head all year long.

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