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Childless by Choice

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May I have a vasectomy with a side of tubes tied? Yeah, kids suck. I’m sorry to break it to you, but the little sticky fingered hellraisers are not for everyone. Many in the new generation are opting out of including little rascals into their lives. Typically most dudes want a boy to eventually pass on their name and be proud of. Women are often expected to bear children because of antiquated notions of religion and society. Well, the world is drastically changing, and people are getting tired of the same song and dance. Slowly Americans will turn away from a typical family life, choosing to either be with a significant other or just plain single.

Ever since Sex in the City took America’s heart, a childless woman is no longer looked at as bizarre. People will talk their fair share about having kids, but I think this generation really wants to get their act together before thinking about procreating. Passing on your genes to the next generation to ensure your genetic legacy is an innate instinct. However, many like myself are fighting nature and choosing to keep our DNA to ourselves. Here’s some reasons why:

1. Let’s face it. Some people find kids irritating and sometimes annoying. Perhaps the constant whining and crying is too much for some to take. People with short tempers are likely not in the market for a new kid.

2. Perhaps you just aren’t financially secure enough for kids. As we know children can cost an arm and a leg. Now with college tuition at an all-time high, you got to be pretty well off to have a successful kid. Maybe struggling to make ends meet and living paycheck to paycheck is not for you.

3. One must also consider their own DNA. Do you have a history of hereditary diseases that will likely negatively affect a child’s life? You may also pass on any psychological disorders that run in the family.

4. One of the biggest reasons many don’t have kids is freedom. The sweet freedom of doing whatever you want. Not being responsible for another human being gives you opportunities to explore the world. Honestly, would  Kate Winslet have done what she did in Revolutionary Road if they had no kids?

5. Some believe it’s environmentally irresponsible and selfish to continue to procreate in these times. The earth’s resources are being picked bare and some people believe earth is overpopulated. One woman actually sterilized herself to reduce her carbon footprint.

I can’t really vouch for all those reasons, but they sound valid to me. In the end, with no extra kids around, we can stop being so PC and PG and start being a little more adult, like the good old ’90s.

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