Beer of the Month: Goose Island Mild Winter

Featured photo by feverblue

Congratulations on making it through all the holiday shenanigans. Don’t you deserve a little something to drink that you can relax with? One of my favorite beers to sit down with and enjoy is Goose Island’s Mild Winter. It’s a little more robust for the season, but it’s not over the top like last month’s BOTM.

This beer pours the delicious shade of toffee and tops itself with a persistent white head. I actually like to pour a bottle into a pint glass and fill it with head to the brim. This lets some of the carbonation out of the beer and makes it a little easier to drink. The aroma is of faint tobacco and leather. It even has a bit of dark fruit and caramel.

The finish involves a little chocolate flavor and one of the best parts about this beer, rye. It adds just a touch of mouthfeel but doesn’t take it over the top.  Goose Island calls this an “American mild ale brewed with rye,” and that is just what this beer tastes like. It has more alcohol than an English mild (hence American) and they really nail the dark malt-based flavors.

While this beer maybe something you see everyday at your liquor store, I implore you to give it a try if you haven’t. It is very easy to drink, moderate in alcohol, and gets even better as it warms up. Mild Winter is one of my local favorites and is a beer I’m always willing to drink.  It has a great malt richness but never becomes too much.  Truly a great session ale.

Mild Winter is available in 6-packs for about $7-8, but those in the know try to find it on tap! Have you had Mild Winter? What do you think of it? Leave a comment below.