Feature photo by ChrisLeFevre

Summer Friends presents a stretched and sweetly strained conflation of 90’s R&B and crossover punk. Some tracks smash with Matt and Kim octane, others with pop star Brandy moments. Deepak’s gravely vocals shrill while melting into your morning coffee like sugar cubes of coke. The catchiest track, “Honeysuckle” offers a call and response echo sure to stick to the back of your throat. The album’s lo-fi resonance is adequately juxtaposed with a little bounce. Congas, bengal beats, and catchy choral quips add to the abrasive yet inviting aura of the album.Summer Friends offers a drifting montage of synth samples and hand recorded audios melded to distorted perfect. Junk Culture captures the feedback and resistance of life’s rips and roars like Animal Collective and MF Doom on a lazy Monday morning.

Summer Friends by Junk Culture  drops Feb. 1st on Illegal Arts.

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