New Video: Neon Indian “Mind Drips”

Synth-Psych, lowfi demons Neon Indian just dropped a trippy little ditty. This Lars Larsen directed masterpiece melds Larsen’s and Edwward Leckie’s brand spanking new technological developments in image manipulation and synth enhancement. Larsen, electronics designer and multimedia artist focuses on synergistic interplays with technology and the visages of pre-Computer techniques to film. These experimental nerds were made for each other. Neon Indian’s hypnotic sounds and Larsen’s ghostly images will modulate all your molecules.

The single “Mind Drips” is off Neon Indian’s current album Psychic Chasms, released via FADER Label / Static Tongues earlier this year and augmented by Mind Ctrl: Psychic Chasms Possessed, which contains nine bonus tracks consisting of exclusive remixes and cover versions by Toro Y Moi, DNTEL, Bibio, Javelin, YACHT and more.

Check out for up-to-date details and news announcements. Snag a copy of “Mind Drip” off Neon Indian’s current album Psychic Chasm on FADER Label/ Static Tongues, with an extra 9 tracks, remixes and covers galore.

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