Last Look: Music

It’s been an incredible year. In a matter of short time Gozamos has amassed an incredible team of writers, music fans and expert bump n grind groovers to tackle freestyle, hip hop, house, techno, electro, indie rock, cumbias, world music, jazz and everything in between. Chicago is a historically rich musical city. In one month you could see so many different musical influences and genres pass through this town; it could make your head explode! And trust us, in our first year we had a doozy of a time chasing publicists, collecting press passes and racking up interviews with some of the most incredible up and coming, underground and high profiling artists on the planet.

From interviews with megastars like BelanovaLila DownsEly GuerraCristina Aguilera, and Nelly Furtado to lesser known but supreme talents like, modern jazz aficionado Esperanza Spalding, international diva Buika, Afro-Soul singer Ugochi Nwaogwugwu, indie folk star Thao Nguyen, and blue grass new comer Sunny War, Gozamos has been very busy this year. And how could we forget our Gozamos golden girls, GIAC – who in one year rocked Chicago three times and released one of the best albums of the year!

Instead of a best of the best, lets just say this list is a highlight, a recap, a wrap up and homage to all the artists and especially the incredible writers that have made this magnificent year possible. To all the music fans, movers and shakers, we wish you a happy holiday.

The hardest working band in Chicago: Luna Blues Machine

No other band in Chicago hustles the way the Luna Blues Machine grinds. This sisterly duet infuses the best melding of jamband blues, urban soul, hip hop folk and Latin jive in the entire planet! If you haven’t caught one of their local shows, you’ve been missing out on THE BEST set of your life. We’re just waiting for LBM to start of their world tour and snag a record deal with world music label. Catch them in Chicago while you still can.

The new kids on the block: Calm Palm Vapor

These kids are going places. Another local act, CPV is a uniquely talented duo, along the ranks of Gozamos indie favorites Allá and Neon Indian (both wowing at Pitchfork 2010) these new guys will get glide you through the night with their chill wave chamber sound. We wouldn’t be surprised if we saw CPV on a Pitchfork line up sometime soon.

The show you should have seen: Frikstailers

More like the show I should have seen. Of all the acts that dipped into Chicago, these funky futuristic cumbia innovators landed in Chicago for a brief stint at World Music Fest -one of the most eclectic and inspiring experimental electro music festivals of all time.

The festival you should have gone to: North Coast Music Festival

Like Gozamos, NCMF busted out onto the music scene with impressive force and vigor. No other festival this year granted Gozamos  exclusive access to backstage groves, interviews and a preview of the best of jam bands, house, electro and the end of summer. Skip Pitchfork andLolla, North Coast is Gozamos favorite music festival in the Midwest.

The interview you should have read: Slug

Mad love to Midwest megastar Slug. This interview reaches home like no other. His heart and candor will astound. If you’re not a huge Atmosphere fan set your hip-hop headphones aside and read up on one of the best in the biz.

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