Last Look: Lifestyle

The year is drawing to a close and with it comes the inevitable nostalgic look back at the past year (and the scramble to find a kick ass New Year’s Eve outfit). In 2010, the Lifestyle section has been your go-to for how-to. We’ve worked hard for you this year, ladies and gents. We’ve tried out the latest exercise fads, taken up new hobbies, gone on deal-breaker dates, traveled to far, far away lands, and elbowed our way to the front row of fashion shows to bring you the latest and greatest of how to live and how to look good doing it.

Get a jump start on your New Year’s resolutions courtesy of Gozamos’ Lifestyle Gurus. This year will be your year. 2011 is the year when you’re going to finally take that exotic vacation and pick up that hobby you’ve been meaning to try. You’re going to date better, dress better, and have better sex.

Hop to it, readers. Go try something new. . .

A Freelance Kind of Life

Get a New Job
Hate your cubicle and making small talk with people who (let’s face it) you don’t really like? Why not take the plunge into starting the freelance career you’ve always wanted? Gozamos’ Suchi Rudra Vasquez did just that! Suchi reveals the secrets to breaking the corporate handcuffs and going after your passion.

The Indumentarian: Declaring War on Sweatpants

Get a New Wardrobe
Gozamos’ Indumentarian, Roberto Del Rio, is on a one-man mission to make sure you dress better. Ditch the flip-flops. Burn the Crocs. The Indumentarian knows that you’re better than that!

Epic Iceland

Get Some New Stamps in your Passport
You need a break- you’ve earned it! It’s time to stop blaming the economy for your lack of vacation and start putting aside a little money every week. Have an adventure while you’re still young! Globe trotter Matte Elkins traveled to the land of the vikings this year and he makes it manageable in this inspiring guide. Read where to stay, what to do, and how to get there.

How to Tease to Please

Get Better Between the Sheets
Jane Sez has been busy this year. She’s taught you the wonders of lube, schooled you on the proper etiquette of booty sex, and made sure that you’re at your peak performance when you’re on your knees. Make it your mission to try something new this year and spice up the standard Friday night. Start slow (teasingly slow) with a strip tease for your whoever you end up with under the mistletoe.

Happy Accidents: Confessions from a Bathroom Stall

Get a Backbone
Gozamos’ favorite single girl has had her share of hot dates and sparkling nights this year, but our favorite episode of Elvin’s column has been when she stood up to a mean girl. In 2011, don’t shrink. Square those shoulders and walk tall.

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