Last Look: Food & Drink

The holidays are here! Family, food, and love are the themes of the season. The traditions of our families don’t always change from year to year. They wouldn’t be called traditions if they did! But maybe it’s time for some change – to take some chances. For the New Year, make an effort to try something new and different, and let Gozamos’ help!

Gozamos’ Food & Drink section has had the pleasure of featuring contributors whose subjects range from gourmet dinners to dive bars. Many of our contributors like to write about the unusual or special. So, looking back on this year’s Food & Drink articles, I would likes to draw your attention to the strange, unique, and awesome.

Here are a few goodies you may have missed:

The Wormhole has Opened: Jump In!

The A&E man, Terry Carlton, draws out the nerds in us all with an introduction to a cafe in the Wicker Park neighborhood. Is that a Delorean parked in the window? Yes, yes it is. “The nostalgia is free. The coffee isn’t. Both are awesome.”

The Argentine Asado: Mollejas

Robyn Sablosky introduces readers to the wonderful world of organ meat. Most steer clear of these delectable treats, but it’s time to overcome the stigma that surrounds these live-giving cuts of meat.

Pico de Gallo in Prague? Discovering Czech-Mex Cuisine

International contributor Suchi Rudra Vasquez shows us how Mexican food has infiltrated the cuisine in Prague. Who would have thunk it? Check out Suchi’s highlights. Maybe next time your in Prague, you can enjoy the cultural juxtaposition.

Fat & Happy: Lavender Pork Pasta with a Port Fig Sauce

Fat & Happy writer Monique Costello’s recipes are the epitome of unique. Combining those flavors we all know and love with unexpected ingredients is her specialty. This recipe, in particular, is beautiful and tasty.

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