This is the guiding force behind our content at Gozamos: If you know enough about something to write about it in your sleep, we will publish it or televise it or mention it in some way. For us food and drink writers, unfortunately, this sometimes means taking our work to bed because that’s how dedicated and impassioned we are. Waking up in bed with not only loved ones but crumbs, spilled drinks, and once, a quiche, is a regular occurrence.

Out of such dedication, we saw Paul Sauter mix it up with Mixology at Home

Emilie Yount smoking it up in Hookah-Smoking Caterpillers

Rebecca Bretana brewing it up with Homebrewing: The Process

Corey Nuffer tackling wine country in In October, Farmers Harvest but Grape Growers Crush

Kevin Hoffman bar hopping his way through the Chicago night in The Boys are Back in Town: Barhopping

Marissa Garcia’s expose on Mexican Hot Chocolate

Monique Costello’s many wonderful food creations with Fat & Happy recipes have also been a staple for food and drink loveliness. Here are a couple standouts:

Cubanito Bowl – Sometimes one of the best way to respectfully observe a holiday is through food. This was our food foray of celebration of Latino Heritage Month in September.

Tea Shrimp on Cellophane Noodles – Eating well doesn’t have to exclude healthy. Monique provides us with gluten-free deliciousness!

And then there were all the amazing reviews. While leaving the bed for eating amidst other Chicago denizens.

M. Cecelia Wong covered the re-opening of avec

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