Last Look: Arts & Entertainment

The arts have always been a safe haven and escape from all the bullshit that floods the scene of society on a daily basis. If it weren’t for the arts, how would we cope with all the craziness that seems to never end? How would we maintain our balance? Beauty is all around, and the arts unleash that beauty on us to remind us that maybe it’s not so bad after all…Or maybe it’s worse. That’s the beauty of art-it will always be open for interpretation.

We have certainly interpreted and covered lot of ground together this year when it comes to Arts & Entertainment. From Banksy to Barbarena, video games to video game burlesque and sports to Salvador Dali, Gozamos has had you covered all year in terms of finding the freshest forms of arts and entertainment the world has to offer. Don’t believe me? Here are a few highlights from 2010:

Artist Unseen

Our favorite storyteller Kevin Hoffman kicked off Gozamos’ street art and graffiti coverage back in March with The Artist Unseen, a life in the day of a local graf writer. Some staggering statistics intertwined with a nonchalant narrative shed some much needed light on Chicago’s graffiti scene.

Carlos Barberena: Championing Change Through Art

Gozamos’ regular contributor and Happy Accidents author Elvin Yavuz shows off her artistic chops with an intriguing interview with local artist and Gozamos favorite, Carlos Barbarena. He is currently showing at Efebinas Cafe on Blue Island through January. If you don’t know, now you know…

Salvador Jiménez, Mixed Media Art and Politics

Our Music Editor and “hardest working man in the business”, Jose Luis Benavides gives a glimpse into the world of Salvador Jimenez. His work is both strikingly surreal and actually accessible, dealing with subjects ranging from religion to immigration.

Who’s Got Next? The Work of Christophe Roberts

Gozamos’ Arts & Entertainment Editor, aka Yours Truly sat down with superstar Christophe Roberts downtown near his Pop Up Art installation to discuss the ins and outs of the craft, consumerism, environmentalism, music and sports. You want to know who’s got next? Christophe Roberts got next…

As stated in the first paragraph, we have covered a lot of ground: from TV to poetry, comedy to galleries, we have been and will continue to be your go to spot for all things dope, because we all need a place to go to get away from all that “reality.” The Chicagozamos Movement is underway. Be here!

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