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We gave you a last look at our arts coverage last week. Now for another look at our most entertaining pieces from Arts & Entertainment. Our comedy coverage from Gwen La Roka and Mikey O to George Carlin, our video game coverage, our sports subsection and everything in between have developed rapidly and generously. As a thank you for following along, here’s a last look at 2010’s entertainment pieces. Are you not entertained? Well, you should be…

The World Recovered: Charlie Chaplin at the Music Box

Fresh face to Gozamos, Andrew Rusin takes a look at an American icon, Charlie Chaplin. His films were playing at The Music Box on Southport, but they will play long into the future of the psyche of a comedic and tragic nation.

Tribute to the Masters: George Carlin

Regular contributor Raul Trevino sheds some light on the comedic legend, George Carlin. He may have been another dirty old man, but George Carlin did more than just make us laugh…he made us think. It’s not illegal yet, you know…

Tribute to Pedro Almódovar: Auter of La Mancha

The Indumentarian himself, Roberto Del Rio, steps out of the fashion world and into the world of legendary filmmaker Pedro Almodovar to deliver a birthday tribute for the ages. Well, his birthday may have come and gone, but Almodovar’s work will remain timeless…well, forever.

‘Howl’ Hits all the Right Beats

Lifestyle Editor and burlesque expert (say that 10 times fast) Katie Donbavand (p)reviews the Allen Ginsberg biopic, Howl. This should be about ready to come out on DVD and Blu Ray any day now, so if you’re into The Beat Movement, poetry or James Franco, we recommend you check out Howl.

Running With The Chicago Bulls

I stand by my prediction that the Bulls are going to The Finals next June. Hey, I was right about the Bears this season, and I am very rarely wrong when it comes to sports. Just call me the Nostradamus of Gozamos! Nostragozamos?

2010 was good to A&E, but I promise you one thing: 2011 will start with a bang and continue through the year with greatness. This will be the spot for anything and everything you need for the arts. We’ll be your Gozamos go to guys and gals for all things dope. Trust me, I’m a doctor…a doctor of dopeness!

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