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Interview: Elefante

Gozamos: Hola, Ustedes! Where are you guys from?
Javi: Well, some of us are from Mexico City, Zacatecas, California and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Gozamos: Oh, I have been to Buenos Aires before!
G Tracks: Did you learn to salsa there?

Gozamos: A little. The group changed the lead singer right?
Ahis: We did change our lead singer. He wanted to do other things so we found Javier here after we searched for a while on the road. He has sang for a long time and we are really happy with how it worked out.

Gozamos: Is there a new CD coming out?
Rafa: Right now we are working on the production of it. We are hoping it will be out for the New Year and everyone will get a chance to hear it.
Iguana: We are currently playing songs from our 2007 album Resplandor.

Gozamos: Tonight are you playing new songs?
Rafa: No, not from the new CD because the music is not ready yet. But our past favorites will all be there, our singles from the long history of the group.
Javi: We are currently in transition but excited to be here in Chicago.

Gozamos: Is there a website where your fans can keep up with you?
Ahis: Yes, http://www.elefanteweb.com/ also on Facebook as well.

Gozamos: What would you guys like to say to your fans?
Javi: We want to say how happy we are here in Chicago and many thanks for letting us play for them. We love to visit in a venue like this one. We are looking forward to our new disc to drop next year for all of our fans!

Gozamos: Thanks so much for taking a minute to talk to Gozamos before the show!

For more concerts visit http://www.vlivechicago.com/ or call 773-489-5483. V Live is located at 2047 North Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago.

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