Christina Aguilera has had a phenomenal career that began like a Disney fairytale with Mickey Mouse. She grew up before our very eyes like a genie popping out of a bottle following her self-titled debut with chart topping albums such as Stripped and Back to Basics. Xtina rested her stilettos for a moment to talk about her newest project, the flick Burlesque.

Gozamos: Hey, Christina! This movie looks like a cross between the musical Gypsy and Chicago! Okay obvious question, what was it like working with Cher?

Christina Aguilera: Hellooo Oscar winner. I mean what a gift to have a co-star like Cher on your first film. From day one she was amazing, a strong woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. We became friends instantly and she was a great mentor.

Gozamos: You know this a gay man’s dream with you, Cher and a musical right?!?
CA: I have my gay following for sure, but yes I keep hearing this from my friends. I promise we wont disappoint!

Gozamos: Did you sign on to the project first or did she?
CA: The project and my character Ali was actually written with me in mind. Steven Antin saw me perform at the Roxy with the original Pussy Cat Dolls and said this has to be a film and Christina must be the star.

Gozamos: Was there one special thing you learned from doing the project with Cher?
CA: To not be afraid to be strong or driven.

Gozamos: That’s a good answer. I loved that you got to sing an Etta James cover again with “Something’s Got A Hold On Me.” Did you ever meet her?
CA: Etta James is my all time favorite blue artist. This has always been a dream of mine. I did meet her and I have the photo in my studio. What an honor…

Gozamos: Did you have fun with your take on “The Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson?
CA: It was a blast and I really love the song.

Gozamos: Do you feel a connection to this style of music such as on your Back to Basics album?
CA: I have always loved going back and paying homage to music of the past. It is what I grew up listening to with my mom and grandmother and I feel like my roots come from this music.

Gozamos: Will you do another Latin album such as “Mi Reflejo?” The track “Desnudate” was such a tease on Bionic, me encanta!
CA: I sure hope so.

Gozamos: We want see you tour to Chicago again, maybe sometime in 2011?
CA: Yes I plan to tour in 2011 and I love going to Chicago. The food is great.

Gozamos: The movie, the soundtrack, all come out around holiday time. How do you spend your holidays usually?
CA: I like to spend time with family and my son Max. Just spending some down time with the ones you love.

Gozamos: You have done a lot for world hunger the past few years. How can the average person become involved?
CA: It takes so little, just a dollar a day and it means so much. If everyone goes to they can learn more.

Gozamos: Great, well I look forward to seeing the movie!

Burlesque the soundtrack is available now. The movie is in theaters now. For everything Aguilera visit

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