Interview: Belanova

Gozamos: Bienvenidos a Chicago! This is my first Belanova show but I have been a fan for a long time.
Denisse Guerrero: Thanks so much.

Gozamos: Do you guys have much time to spend in Chicago?
DG: We love Chicago. It is an incredible city. I am referring to the architecture and the great people that live here. We arrived at the airport and had to run here to do this show. We have had times in the past to get to know Chicago but not today.
Edgar Huerta: We leave for San Diego in the morning.

Gozamos: Well, the weather is a lot better there than here.
Rircardo Arreola: Oh, yeah.

Gozamos: Are you all from Guadalajara?
DG: No. I am from Los Mochis, Sinaloa.

Gozamos: I have been there!
DG: Really?

Gozamos: Yeah, when I went the border patrol told me, “There are no gringos in Sinaloa!” (everyone laughs)
DG: Did you have fun?

Gozamos: Yes, I did. It’s a different world. I went to the ranches there.
DG: I am not like that. Do I look like I am from a ranch or a farm?!

Gozamos: No, but my ex is from the ranches. Where did you learn English, Denisse?
DG: I learned from reading Winnie the Pooh.

Gozamos: I read somewhere that the group was connected with Tweety Bird from Looney Tunes.
DG: We did a promotion with him and have a song called “Oye Tweety” that we did in Chile.

Gozamos: Would you guys ever make an album in English?
EH: In all the previous albums of Belanova we have had a song or two in English or parts of it were in English. But we have not really wanted to cross over into different markets much. We respect other countries and cultures but at this time we have no plans to make an English record.
DG: But maybe one day we will.

Gozamos: I really the new CD Sueno Electrico 1 and the song “Y Mi Corazon.”
DG: Really? Well, then when we are on stage I will dedicate the song to Jerry my friend who went to Sinaoloa where I was born.

Gozamos: That would make my night complete. Meeting you guys and having a song dedicated to me in front of a crowd, I can die now! Your music is influenced by the eighties right?
RA: You know all electronic music is very influenced by the eighties and even the seventies. I like new wave a lot too. But we are mix with dance music as well.
DG: I think rock is a big influence on us of course.
RA: Belanova as a group has all types of music mixed in together.

Gozamos: Fans can go to your website to find out what you are doing next correct?
DG: Yes, also we are Twitter.
EH: The webpage is and on facebook with
DG: Don’t forget the slash!
RA: Yes, slashes are really important these days.

Gozamos: Well, I will let you get on stage to perform now, looking forward to hearing my song!!!

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