Gozamos: Hi, Elvis. Your named after Elvis Presley right?
Elvis Crespo: My father was a huge fan and so they named me after him.

Gozamos: Where exactly were you born?
EC: I was born in New York and was raised in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. It’s a town near San Juan.

Gozamos: So you learned Spanish and English.
EC: If I have to speak English I will but I prefer Spanish.

Gozamos: You have had huge hits in your career such as “Suavemente.”
EC: I am blessed singer. I have been able to have hits such as “Suavement” “ Pintame” and “Tu Sonrisa.” My songs have broken the language barrier.

Gozamos: Would you ever do an English album?
EC: No because in the past I have tried to learn a song in English and I don’t feel like I can be natural or more fluid with it. I have song with a part of English in it called “Hey Dude!”

Gozamos: How did it go?
EC: I sing the song in Spanish with the chorus being “Hey Dude!”

Gozamos: Are you going to sing that song tonight?
EC: Yes, I will.

Gozamos: You have a new CD called Indestructible correct?
EC: Yes it just came out December 14th. It’s a blend of salsa with new styles of music. It is very ambitious. I don’t always trust things but my friend advised me that I try out music from discotecas etc. It’s different music for me in some ways.

Gozamos: Do you have guest stars on the album?
EC: I have several such as Omega & Voltio, Bachata Heights and Zona D’ Tambora. Zona is a young group but I really just like them a lot and asked them to be on it with me.

Gozamos: What are your plans for the New Year?
EC: They asked me to sing in Times Square for ABC and Univision right at midnight.

Gozamos: I heard the Jersey Shore kids are going to be there! You are going to be fist pumping!
EC: Yes and next year I am just going to concentrate on my career and my new music.

Gozamos: Well, Happy New Year, Elvis! Be careful on the plane ride to New York!
EC: I will (laughs) and I hope you enjoy my show here.

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