Chicago house heads may already know, but for all you two steppin, side swayin lovers on the late, check it. Hamburg’s best Tensnake recently released a 2CD, 28 track mix for Defected Records. Tensnake “In the House” is house at its most nostalgic. The mix serves not so much an innovation of the genre, but as a tried and steady ride through the bumpin grindin high-heel rewindin past.  The Zev – Kenny Glasgow And Jonny White remix of  “Just Don’t Break My Heart” leaves illusions to the history of love on the dance floor. The dance floor being in fact the scene of countless break ups and shake downs, this mix will drum up the past in only the best of ways. Their is casual danger in Tensnakes tempo. The entire album will transport you to the high days of house, to that ineffable moment that house dropped down in the Midwest and began its transcontinental and intergenerational journey to now. A triumph, Tensnake “In the House” will get you grooving at your work desk like that prepubescent flatfoot you once were, dancing in a dusty basement all over again.

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