Top 10 Things Not to Miss in Guatemala

With many historic places to visit Gozamos traveled to Guatemala in Central America and even climbed a volcano to get the inside story about ten areas that are a must for the traveler in this country to experience.

10. Volcanoes, hike up Pacaya or Ipala
9. Museums, Arqueologia y Etnologia, Historia, and Arte Moderno are all national museums
8. Playas, relax at Tilapa, Blanca, and Quiche
7. ChiChicastenango, one of the world’s most famous outdoor indigenous markets
6. Semuc Champey, natural monument with pools and monuments
5. Rio Dulce, one of Guatemala’s oldest parks
4. Lake Atitlan, Gozamos braved mudslides for a bumpy and dark boat ride to stay in a remote hotel lakeside in Santa Cruz
3. Tikal, Guatemala’s national park full of Mayan wonders
2. Antigua or “the old Guatemala” is in fact the former capital with volcanic views and colonial architecture.
1. Guatemala City, while dangerous in places, this bustling city is full of fine restaurants and museums making this capitol an area not to be missed and close the airport.

This is a broad overview while a future article in Gozamos will take the traveler into a more detailed experience.

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  1. Guatemala is one of the most beautiful countries I have visited. It has such a ruch indigenous culture. The little towns around Lake Atitlan are worth visiting, including Panajachel (althought it is a little touristy for my taste). Jump on ooe of the pick up trucks that work as taxis to travel around the lake and you’ll be up for a great adventure!

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