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Monogamy is often a fragile fruit, easily bruised. It hangs on the thinnest twigs with brittle stems that easily snap. We try our best to play by the rules and fall in line with socidty’s norms. I still attempt to believe in the idea of marriage and monogamous relations. In all reality such an idea is almost impossible for beings as unpredictable and impulsive as humankind. Too often I’ve witnessed promises that all fall short. Let me ask you a question. How many parents and newlyweds have actually carried on a successful happy relationship? My grandparents’ generation seems to be the last to have a successful marriage. Even if the relationships do remain together, we find many untold indiscretions. Not enough fingers to count how many wives and husbands I know who have cheated on each other. We now have shows dedicated to cheating, such as everyone’s favorite program Cheaters.

I myself have personally seen how a marriage can become an epic failure. The unhappiness that befell my own parents was one worthy of The War of the Roses. Maybe our more innate instincts come into play. After all, it is incredibly arrogant to believe that we are that far removed from our animal brethren. Very few animals in the animal kingdom actually mate for life; some of the better-known animals are penguins, wolves, and eagles. However, more intelligent animals such as chimps, dolphins, and elephants don’t mate for life. What does this say about those of us who chose the married or single life? Biologically we are designed to spread our genetic material to ensure our traits live on for generations. Nevertheless the institution of marriage seems to be falling apart at the seams. While the gay community fights to get married many of us are desperately trying to avoid it. Many are destroying their marriage as well, with the occasional extramarital act.

Quite honestly my knowledge of adultery runs very deep. I must confess that I’ve been involved in affairs with married women. Perhaps it’s the rush of taking something that is not mine that drives me to do such things. Like the rush thieves get, before they pocket small items off the shelf from a store. I’ve never proclaimed myself to be a good guy. Sometimes doing what is considered evil makes you feel like nobody can step all over you. The idea of no longer being a victim of wrongdoing, and instead, doing the wrongdoing puts the power in your hands. Perhaps it’s wrong to take advantage of the fragile state people are in when they’ve dealt with heartbreaking relationships. It takes two to tango though. My sin cuts just as deep as the others’. I find solace in my honesty. It reminds me that no matter how messy things get between the sheets, she has that ring. That ring should remind her of the awful act she’s committing. It reminds me that she doesn’t care. Leave it on, embrace being bad. If it doesn’t remind her of the home she’s wrecking, then I shouldn’t care either. Let your ID control your decisions. Perhaps marriage is really all just a joke. Politicians and political pundits constantly talk of the sanctity of marriage. All the while behind the curtain they’re banging secretaries, men, or prostitutes, while their wives sit at home. Adultery is America’s new pastime that fuels the scripts for prime time. I’m sure I’m not the only one. So many others out there do the same as me everyday. I’m just willing to admit it.

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