In the recent months, I’ve learned to give in to this brunch business. It’s not just about the food or being to lazy to cook up a decent egg on a Sunday morning; it’s about friendships, family time, and just plain old good conversation. Do yourself a favor, and reach out to that friend you might have lost touch with. Or take your Mom out instead of asking here to make chilaquiles for you. Take a little time out of your day to really talk to them and not just poke them on Facebook.

There are several great spots in the city for brunch, but remember that you don’t have to hike it the north side to get some good eatin’ after a hangover either.

Nana Organic |
3267 South Halsted St Chicago | 312-929-2486

Nana’s is the type of place you would never expect in the Bridgeport. All the main ingredients are organic, and they source from local farmers and producers. It’s been around for about year now and has been extremely successful. Recently, they’ve extended their hours for dinner and have gotten a lot of great reviews.

Most everything there is delicious! The chilaquiles, while they can’t compare to your mom’s, they are quite tasty. French toast is as fluffy as a cloud and stuffed with pear and raspberries. The All-American breakfast is very well rounded, and the best part is the “Home-Style Fries” — Addictive.

It can get very busy so get their early or later in the day so you don’t have to wait too long for a table. It can get a bit noisy but still OK for pleasant conversation. The decor simple and very bright so it’s perfect to keep the mood energetic. A bit pricey compared to most other stuff in the neighborhood but very much worth it because of the quality of food.

Huck Finn Restarurant |
3414 South Archer Avenue, Chicago | 773-247-5515

Hick Finn’s has always brought back many memories from when I  was a kid — Sunday morning with my Mom while eating a huge stack of pancakes. This place may not be the classiest of spots in the city, but it’s open 24/7 and always a decent cup of coffee so pretty good after hangover food. Your choice of gigantic donuts or a wide choice of diner food. Very much on the cheap side so don’t expect the fanciest of meals. It’s always one of those places that brings you back and lets you catch up with an old friend. The skillets are a great choice or the very reliable “Becky Thatcher” breakfast give you a well rounded way to start your day.

What’s your favorite spot around town?

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