Latino Fashion Week: Structure at Circuit Night Club

Photography by Vanessa Valdovinos

Held at Circuit Night Club in Boystown, Structure was an event that benefited the Center on Halsted and was MC’d by MegaTv’s very funny Carlos Anaya. The start model of the night was America’s Next Top Model and Humboldt Park’s own Jaslene Gonzalez. Also in attendance, as they have throughout the week, actress and model Patricia de Leon and actor and model Pablo Quevedo. The night was very fun. There was a fashion show that featured Julius LaCour Jr. where with an almost avian look that crossed into motorcycle gang it proved to be one of the more fashion forward collections of the night. However, after the event, he let me know he was actually trying to go for a voodoo look. There was also two menswear lines shown. The spectacular Jose Jhan with his tribute to the 70s in a very American, very satirical and very on point vision of the seminal russet toned decade. The second was an underwear that donned the word Papi scrolled on the waistband. The variety of color combinations was very vogue, however, the hooting and hollering from the guests present marked a very uncomfortable distraction. The men, however hot they may be, did not need to be verbally accosted by the vulgarity of the animalistic sexual desire felt in the audience. It was a nightclub and drinks were served and drank so, one could attest to the fact that it was inevitable.

Jaslene Gonzalez modeled for a bathing suit line which was lackluster in it’s attempt to be approachable for the regular consumer. In my humble opinion, it was more of an insult to the intelligence of buyers. Gonzalez stormed the runway with all the confidence and physical wit that is such her characteristic. It was delightful to see her come back home, to such a raucous greeting and due praise should be recognized.

The night was very fun and I met many people, including one of the model’s girlfriend, one Alisha Bradley. She mentioned her more-attractive-than-thou boyfriend and her own beauty was more than exemplary. A teacher by trade, she explained her personal style was left of center but still of this earth. I also had a chance to hang out with Brian Michael, the tropical genre singer who has as good of a voice as personality. Her manager, Irene, was also in attendance and she was a pistol.

Back to the clothes, I felt like the stand outs were LaCour Jr., Jhan and Papi underwear. Not only did they get the point of this weeklong event, they lived in it. The passion to forwardness and the future was very much so present and I could tell they have a ways to go, not to learn.

One of the unfortunate slip ups was the cocktail reception. First of all, there was only one bartender, Kurt Pickelmann. The poor bastard was allover the place and people managed to get agitated the thirstier they arrived. However, keeping his cool, even when one of the registers broke, he was definitely one of the brighter characters of the night. After the event, the party continued with the musical styling of Circuit’s Friday treat Amy & Lloyd who were exceptionally fun and invited my loud punch lines rather than diminish them. Something tells me they should have as I mentioned both the McRib sandwich and anal sex. No worries, they were troopers and I’d like to give them a shout out.

Also, the co-executive producer’s were characteristically chic. The appropriateness of the outfits they’d been wearing the whole of the week is almost astonishing so a shout out at their sartorial and production brilliance is more than necessary.

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