Go Team Venture! The Venture Bros Season Finale

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And so it begins. Rather, so it ends. Yep, we are right at the threshold of the season finale of one of the greatest cartoon series to hit the television set. If you have little idea what I’m talking about then wake up. It’s The Venture Bros people!  This animated series is an ode to every piece of nerd culture out there. With shades of Johnny Quest, Scooby Doo, and The Marvel universe, this completes the nerdgasm. They constantly spew out references only the keenest of minds would understand. Created by the two genius storytellers Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, the writing on this cartoon warrants an Emmy. (Everybody Comes to Hank’s) The Venture Bros fans loyalties are intense. On youtube every week two fan-girls give in-depth commentary about the previous week’s episode. These discussions between fans have sparked rumors and many spoilers. The Very Venture Vodcast has itself become something of cult status as these Venture fan-girls now have their own loyal following.

This series has spawned a cult following of nerdist fans that patiently wait for the outcome of each episode to reveal more truth about the venture verse. Basically this show is a dedication to failure. Each character has their own shortcoming that makes them miserable. Nothing ever seems to work out correctly. Some of the most intriguing characters are of course the villains. The biggest fan favorite of all is Henchman 21. Often we see cartoon and comics with nameless henchmen who show little personality. Also know as Gary, number 21 managed to break that mold and become an iconic character in his own right. The Monarch is a villain you feel sorry for because of his many inadequacies. With grandiose entrances and never ending monologues, The Monarch enjoys the game of cat and mouse with Doctor Venture, loathing him for reasons still unknown. Dr. Venture is a parody of Benton Quest if only he sucked at everything he did. Without a doubt the most tragic of all the characters in the series, he is a man who fails to live up to the legacy of his successful legendary father Dr. Jonas Venture. As a former boy adventurer his relationship with his father was almost non-existent. His egomaniac father Jonas Venture neglected him and constantly put him in mortal danger for the thrill of the adventure. How can we forget the unstoppable Brock Sampson? The quintessential super badass who won’t stop till the job is done. One of the few characters that is actually immune to all the ridiculousness of the show and generally skeptical of the supernatural. Brock Sampson is essentially what all the viewers of the show wish they could be. Honestly how many of us wish we were irresistible to women, super strong, and a badass killer? That’s what I thought. At the end of the day this show has a character for everyone. I must applaud them for creating two homosexual characters that are not stereotypical but very cool and badass. Shore Leave and the Alchemist are without a doubt some of the most popular gay characters in the world of animation. Shore Leave, a clear-cut badass and Alchemist a hilarious wise cracking know it all. For every type of person there is a Venture Bros character to match them.

As we near the end of an already thrilling season we see many complicated plot points that may come to be answered. Will we discover just who killed Henchmen 24? This could prove to reveal a conspiracy that is wrapped in intrigue. Will the Revenge Society enact their deadly plan? Will Dean Venture ever get laid? Will Henchman 21 and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch explore their love? Will we discover just why the Monarch hates Dr. Venture? Over the years many have only speculated what is the true purpose for the Monarchs hatred. Will we finally find out how and why Dr, Jonas Venture died? This proves to be an important piece of information that constantly eludes fans. One major question that has never even been approached is: Who is Dr. Venture’s mother? This season finale does indeed have much to live up to. In the end we may get some answers but also be left with more questions. Tune in this Sunday Nov 21 to Adult Swim for The Venture Bros all you Venturoos. Go Team Venture!!

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  1. Does anyone know the song played at the end? I tried to find it in the credits but i only saw “Jacket” by Shallow Gravy.

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