Bosco Delrey @ the Empty Bottle, Nov. 16

Bosco Delrey opening for Magic Kids | Nov. 16 | Empty Bottle | 9:30 pm | $12 at the door

If Beck and Elvis shacked up in the back seat of a classic country Chevy their love child would be Bosco. Not since the Dirty Boogie, by the Brian Setzer Orchestra has the indie underground braved the jive vibes of a ruffian rockabilly. Bosco Delrey ruffled rooster roar combines the best of electro-billy, honky-tonk rhythm with ray guns and intergalactic synths set to stun. Delrey’s Mad Decent EP’s move with the best of America’s dark and dirtier soul sound. With ominous organs and church boy chorus vocals, Bosco will trip you out with a singularly psychedelic, dingy rock ‘n roll grime-groove. Bands like Wraygunn (Portugal), Nicotyna (México) and Girl in A Coma (USA) have been jamming out to their own unique rockabilly blues for years now. Looks like the hipsters have finally caught up to the jive vibe of that honky tonk hootenanny. But hey, we aren’t complaining. With goth-guitars and twanging dance beats, let the sock-hop swing. Bosco blends the best of the West.