Album Review: Adventures in Coverland

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Adventures in Coverlands is not simply an exploration of classic Americana. Adventures in Coverland is America. No album represents American roots in rock ‘n roll, its lineage and progression so uniquely and so defiantly as GIAC’s snarling explorations and fitful adaptations. Every song on this album drills into the heart of U.S. American angst and anguish. Every song on the album drawls and dips with our nostalgia for British-Bowie-Beatles invasions since our declaration of independence. GIAC electrifies with tried and true tributes to resistance and rebellion. GIAC defiantly channels their frustrations towards Arizona’s recent prejudicial laws through a glorious take on Buffalo Springfield’s ’66 response-anthem to the Sunset Strip curfew riots, “For What It’s Worth.” With the legendary southern twang of Patsy Cline and American singer, Selena whispered in her ear, Nina Diaz astounds with her hipster irony in Velvet Undergrounds, “Femme Fetal,” while GIAC’s original “Yo Oigo” sounds better than Mars Volta on a stoner Sunday. But nothing captures these southern bells country roots quiet like the acoustic remake of their own, Trio B.C track, “BB.” Through Adventures in Coverland, GIAC traverses the American musical landscape with grace and gall.

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