They’re the Renegades of Fun!

Chicago’s independent heavy hitters will be in full force in Wicker Park on Division Street between Damen and Paulina Saturday and Sunday from 11 AM-7PM. Music from Reckless Records’ DJs, caffeine from Intelligentsia, and beer and wine from Goose Island and Lulu B? Sure sounds good, doesn’t it? Renegade is truly a showcase of what our city’s independent entrepreneurs have to offer the world, and the progress this show has made over the years is a testament to just that. Starting here in the Chi, Renegade has made its way to Brooklyn, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and starting this year, Austin, TX. Chicago’s fair kicks off Saturday, and in addition to the above mentioned vendors, here are 5 can’t miss experiences at this year’s fair:

Mucca Pazza
The marching band rolls into town and the fair on Saturday at 1 PM. Nothing sets the tone of excitement quite like a marching band, right? Right?

Redmoon Theater
Bubbleman is in the house, and Redmoon Theater will be hanging out outside the Renegade Handmade storefront throughout the fair. This has good times written all over it!

Know Your Flag
This is a booth all true Chicagoans need to visit (and maybe buy something from). We’ve all seen the stars and bars, but do we all know what each of them mean? These folks will break it down for you from Fort Dearborn to the Chicago Fire. Get there…

PEACE Mexico
So you wanna create peace in the world? Why not start in Mexico? These cats are looking for volunteers and creating positive change on a regular.

*Renegade Wild Card*
Detour Studios
I am not sure whether or not they are confirmed, but if Peter and the gang are in the house, make sure you find them, consume a delicious homemade cookie, and check out the bad ass Chicago themed art work. My favorite mainstay at the fair, so hopefully they are present!

So there you have it, Renegade Craft Fair. If you can’t make it this weekend, they have a holiday show in December for you to check out, and yes, that one is indoors. Until then, be easy, and craft your ass off…