MMC: How to Maintain Focus and Concentration

Feature photo by Niffty

You took on a wee-bit too much responsibility or perhaps you committed yourself to one too many get togethers, now what do you do? Believe me: you are not alone. I too have done just that! At times, I have fallen prey to the RSVP game and found myself either committed to one too many functions or yessed myself into a corner. I forget that there is more to life than just the nonstop push and pull of grown-up responsibilities and agendas. I don’t do it intentionally, it just sort of happens. Yes, I pay attention, but occasionally, I forget I need to catch my breath and by the time I figure it out, I’m about ready to have a conniption!

Lately I have tried my best to remember that in order to maintain my focus and concentration, I need to step back and remember what the goal was to begin with. I can tell you this much: for me, it certainly isn’t sticking to a 9-to-5 job I can’t stand. It’s not running the Indy 500 of Errands (both mine and others’) in hopes of winning the non-existent prize of thanks and gratification from the people around me. It’s about remembering life is full of unplanned surprises, that everything does happen for a reason and that no amount of expertise planning will stand in its way. Life happens.

Breathe and keep on moving towards the big picture. Do you remember what it is? Did you promise yourself a resolution to lose 25 pounds as you rang in the New Year in jeans that were a bit too tight to hold in all the apples in your bottom? How about finishing school? A favorite adage of mine is ‘Your never too old to learn’. Perhaps you thought a new perspective on life was what you really needed so you traded in the old one for an upgrade and now you found yourself in the same situation with the only difference being the day. Don’t give up.

You can find your mojo again, just don’t quit. Maintaining focus isn’t something you learn over night and the focus doesn’t necessarily have to be grand. Baby steps work wonders. You will be surprised to realize you can accomplish just as much at a slow and steady pace as you can rushing through something. Usually when you work in haste, it’s time you waste since you may wind up redoing the initial task all over due to a lack of attention to detail or poor quality. Remember, quality over quantity.

Find something you like to do, then go find something you love to do and do that instead! In today’s society, it is difficult to disregard the lack of normalcy and security. Nothing is promised to us (unless your last name is “Hilton”). As disheartening as it may seem, it is nonetheless one of the few certainties we can bank on. That gives us all the more reason to find our passions and run with them. The payoff will be immeasurable. Remember my friend, concentrate on fulfilling your life’s dreams and aspirations and everything else will fall into focus!

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