Feature photo by Jennifer Woodard Maderazo

Bavaria Hof

933 South Roselle Road
Schaumburg, IL 60193-3962
(847) 891-7997

When you walk into Bavaria Hof, you feel quite comfortable and at home. Indeed, you feel like you are sitting and being served by your grandma (if she had a German accent). I prefer to sit at near the beer – the bar – and drink my liter stein filled with Spaten Marzen or Optimator. Also sitting at the bar, a turtle in a large tank with a bit of wood floating in it. I know, it doesn’t seem like something you’d find at a bar, but I assure you, after a liter of Optimator the turtle becomes extremely entertaining.

Here, you will find all the typical German food you’d expect: many varieties of schnitzel, sasauge platters, and beef dishes. My favorite dish happens to be the chicken paprika schnitzel. It’s described as “boneless, breaded, pan-fried chicken breast covered in paprika sauce.” Don’t let the “paprika sauce” scare those of you who are worried about your meat being smothered. The sauce is so light and flavorful, you’ll be wondering what else you could pour it on. This dish, accompanied by soup or salad and two sides. The meal comes in at $16.95 and is one of the median prices for the entrees Bavaria Hof offers.

Friday and Saturday nights starting at 5PM they host an all you can eat pig roast for 14.95. If you have gluten allergies, ask for their gluten-free beer and menu.

Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Thursday: 11AM-8PM
Friday: 11AM-9PM
Saturday: 3PM-9PM
Sunday: 3PM-8PM

Schnitzel Platz

729 North Ave
Glendale Heights, IL 60139-3519
(630) 942-9900

Schnitzel Platz is possibly my favorite German restaurant in the suburbs. The restaurant looks most like a German beer hall on the interior than any other this Germany in Chicago series has visited. The best feature about Schnizel Platz is its live music. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all include lively bands. The usual lineup includes the Bob Beilfuss Tyrolean Duo. One half of the duo, Bob, plays the accordion. The other half, Hank, plays the bass and trumpet. Oh, yeah, they yodel, too. It’s loud, it’s proud, and it’s German at this festive establishment.

The menu is quite extensive and heavy on the – you guessed it – schnitzel. Other specialties include the Deutsche Haus Platte (sampler platter), Glacierte Schweine Haxe mit Sauerkraut (glazed pork shank with sauerkraut and dumplings), and Sauerbraten with Dumplings. They all come with soup and salad. I suggest the liver dumpling soup. I know liver isn’t everyone’s favorite organ to consume, but it makes for a great starter in any German meal.

The German draft beer selection is fairly impressive and include Hof Brau Oktoberfest (seasonal),  Weihenstephan Hefe Weiss (and Dark),  Radeberger Pilsner, Warsteiner Dunkel, and Spaten. Liters of beer can be pricey – anywhere really – so, you plan on having a whole meal and drink to your heart’s content, expect to spend a little more than usual. I have to say, it’s worth skipping a few meals to enjoy one great night at Schnizel Platz.

Oktoberfest begins this weekend and runs through Sunday, October 31st. Reservations are strongly recommended. Unless you’re going for the early-bird special, this place gets packed pretty quick.

Wed-Thu 11:00am- 9:00pm
Fri-Sat 11:00am-10:00pm
Sun-Mon 11:00am- 9:00pm

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