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Classics: Ricobene’s

I had a hunger that was ready to tear through my torso like Ridley Scott’s Alien. My tongue was salivating.  I demand something saucy. I crave something steaky? Some classics never die. Have I ever told you how much I love the taste of tomato? I could pour tomato sauce, marinara, or ketchup on almost every single thing I eat. Of course there is only one place to get such a sandwich. If you want something dipped and dripping in red sauce, get yourself to the famous Ricobene’s. I live, breathe, and die Ricobene’s. Everything and anything you want is here, no need to explore elsewhere.

The menu itself will send your eyes into information overload. So many delicious choices, you just might get a couple of meals for yourself. One of the major favorites that all of the regulars get is the famous breaded steak sandwiches. I don’t think I can stress enough how incredible this breaded steak sandwich is. Put it this way, Seth Brundle would call this sandwich Fly. This sandwich is very messy, especially if you ask for it dipped with extra sauce like myself. The mess seems all worth the chance to walk hand and hand with deliciousness. Prepare yourself to put some time in the gym after eating this one though. When you come to Ricobene’s, calories should be the last thing on one’s mind. So steak is so tender you have no need to struggle like with other steak sandwiches. You can add pepper or mozzarella cheese if you feel the need.  I’m not Adam Richman, but I’ve been known to gobble down sum major grub. I still find it to be a heavy task to tackle a whole king size in one sitting. You’ll find this might be the only thing you order every time you come here, which is not so bad.

Of course you got your classic Vienna beef hotdogs. Another favorite to many is their deep-dish spinach and mushroom pizza. The real talk of town is the sandwiches. The Chicken Vesuvio is another favorite that keeps patrons coming back for more. This bad boy comes with onions, mayo, and lettuce. Much like most of the sandwiches, it gets a little messy eating it. One favorite of mine, but not for the weak, is the buffalo chicken sandwich. It’s all the greatness of hot buffalos wings, put into a convenient sandwich. This usually comes with onion and mayo. Me, I like to keep the onions and ditch the mayo for some good old ranch dressing. This honestly has to be my second favorite thing to eat here, only second to the breaded steak sandwich. So if for some reason you never have been to Ricobene’s then come on down to one of their locations.

252 W 26th St
(between Indiana Ave & Prairie Ave)
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 225-5555

5160 s Pulaski
Chicago, IL 60632
(773) 284-2400

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