Some albums creep up on you. They take time to warm your ear and soak into your soul. Lucy Schwartz’ sophomore effort, in-stores September 2010, is quite the contrary. “My Darling” opens “Life in Letters” with a soon to be radio hit. Schwartz’ pop melodies and movie soundtrack sounds are sumptuous. Listening to “Life in Letters” you begin to feel like life actually is a TV show or a romantic comedy. The album unfolds like a series of intimate correspondence between lovers or old friends.

Schwartz, at 20 years old, has already written songs for major television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Parenthood, and Private Practice and big budget pictures such as Shrek: Forever After and The Women. Her voice, her lyrics and her song writing seeps with maturity and wisdom. Mitchell Froom, “Life in Letters” producer (Coconut Records and Paul McCartney) adds sophistication and balance to Schwartz’ already impressive musical career. The track, “Rain City,” expresses the inadequacies and insecurities everyone goes through. The metaphoric image of a body inside out is tragic and universal. Schwartz’ lyrical depth is abound.

“Life in Letters” is the perfect Sunday afternoon album.

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