Album Review: Hands All Over by Maroon 5

The sound of pop and funk never ceases to leave the recordings of Grammy award winning band, Maroon 5. In the follow-up to their 2007’s, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, lead singer Adam Levine steps back from the melancholy pop sounds of “This Love,” to provide a more astound sound quality and lyrical blend of heartbreak in “Misery.” One of the biggest hits over this past summer, off their newest album, Hands All Over.

The album showcases their strengths and musical talents. With the help of Producer Robert “Mutt” Lange, whom has worked with bands such as ACDC and Def Leppard. Lange adjusts the bands musical maturity and it is obvious throughout the album. While the songs are still about the same old story, that being about a woman being wanted, who either wants too little or none at all, Levine and the rest of Maroon 5 seem to have found their groove in the funk-like Michael Jackson-esque tones without knowing. Their closing duet with Lady Antebellum, “Out of Goodbyes,” is short of being called a crossover because it isn’t really pop, nor country it also isn’t one to look forward to despite their effort to blend it in for their audience.

Once again leaving the impression that they’re still searching for their sound even if the pop-funk has stuck and grown with them throughout the years, their rock add-ins and small attempt at a country song, will surely attract a new groove but nonetheless it will remain familiar. Hands All Over, out today promises to leave them at the Top 40 mark. Although it won’t gain the new audience expected, despite Levine’s lyrical seductiveness and yearning of love, it definitely will make it’s way through the ears of a few less than likely fans.

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