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Unzipped: The Male G-Spot

The female G-spot gets plenty of attention. So does the penis. They’re the popular kids. They’re talked about. They’re fondled. Maybe I’ll talk about fondling them another time. Tonight I’m in the mood for something a little kinkier.

The male equivalent of the G-spot, also known as the P-Spot, can be best accessed anally— which makes finding it a bit of a taboo. Homophobia and squeamishness can get in the way of men fully accessing this rich pleasure zone. And that is such a big, big shame. Anal play is not restricted to one sexual orientation. It’s your body, and if it feels good do it. With regards to squeamishness, a shower or an enema (if you want to take it that far) ought to be enough to feel clean while getting dirty.

It Exists

Many doubt whether the G-Spot exists in the first place—in either men or women. Essentially, the male G-spot is the prostate. So yes, it does exist. It is comparable to the urethral sponge in women, which forms our G-spot.  Same tissue and nerves, divergent development. Just like in women, stimulating this spot can lead to more intense orgasms. A prostate orgasm without external stimulation is possible and can open up the possibility of multiple orgasms in a short amount of time for a man. Prostate massagers can come in handy for this more advanced kind of anal play. Keep his dick involved if it’s your first time venturing into his Cave of Wonders. It’ll make things feel more familiar for him. And for anal play, you definitely want him relaxed.

Fair warning: like in women, the male G-Spot is not the ultimate secret to reaching orgasm faster. Sex isn’t a race and the G-Spot is not a short cut. Plenty of care, time, and attention is still necessary. If you don’t want to take your time in giving your lover pleasure, you don’t really want to fuck them in the first place. Same goes for masturbation. You are worth your time.

How to Get There

Lube. Lots of lube. I cannot stress lube enough. For anal play, silicone based lube is excellent because it lasts longer than water based lube. Also, the silicone will be easily expelled from the body. (But don’t use silicone lube with silicone toys. It ruins them!) Communication. You have to make sure it’s okay with your partner before you stick anything in their ass. Even if it’s just your pinky.

Start slow. Play with his penis while carefully lubing and massaging his anus. (Please! No long nails!)  Start to insert your forefinger when he seems relaxed. Only go as far as he is comfortable. If he doesn’t want to go any further, respect that. If he does, proceed. When it’s about two inches in, curve upward and feel for a small bulb. That’s the gold nugget! Move your finger in a come hither motion, same as for the female G-Spot. Do this slowly and carefully! Gently! It’s as delicate as an eyeball. Vary the pressure and speed and gauge his reactions. Harder, softer, slower, faster? Do some dirty talking. And oh yeah, don’t stop touching his dick (blow job or hand job- your choice). When he’s writhing in pleasure you’ll know you’re about to unleash one of the strongest orgasms he’s ever had.

Alternate Route

If he’s absolutely against anal play (sigh…) then you can still stimulate his G-Spot through putting pressure on his perineum, that space between his balls and anus. Use lube to teasingly caress and gradually increase the pressure to stimulate the prostate externally. Rub in a circular, almost kneading motion. You’re on your way to giving him a stronger, longer orgasm.

Health Benefits

Other than leaving him with that rosy morning-after-glow, you’ll also be contributing to his health. Prostate stimulation can help rid the gland of pressure from excess semen build up. It can help relieve problems such as an enlarged prostate. Yep. Now you can feel like a good Samaritan. A kinky one, but a good one.

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