Summer Sounds: The Lollapalooza Playlist

Feature photo by mjanicki

Those that have gone to past Lollapalooza festivals know that your day can either be a fly by the seat of your pants day of wandering around and discovering new music you’ve never heard of or a carefully plotted, down to the minute schedule so that you don’t miss your favorite acts. Whether you want to put in some prep work before you head out to Grant Park this weekend, or if you’re skipping the fest entirely to save some dough, we’ve put together our favorite songs by this year’s artists, so that you don’t miss out on something great. Enjoy!

Mentiras – Los Amigos Invisibles
Friday Aug 6 1:00 PM, Playstation
The first words that come to mind when listening to this song are “groovy” and “funky” but they’re almost too cheesy to use when describing this song by Venezuelan group Los Amigos Invisibles. In one word, it’s just effin’ cool.

Lisztomania – Phoenix
Saturday Aug 7 8:30 PM, Budweiser
Even if you think you don’t know French group Phoenix, chances are you’ve heard their song “1901” in movies, commercials or on the iPod of your favorite hipster. “Lisztomania” is a danceable upbeat track off their Grammy award-winning album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

Whip It – Devo
Friday Aug 6 4:00 PM, Parkways
This isn’t one of those new up and coming bands playing their buzzed about single, which is part of makes this song so great. Whip It has graced its fair share of movies and commercials; even The Blue Man Group covered them. Love them or hate them, the delightfully quirky Devo can write a damn catchy song. So dust off the flowerpot hat and whip it, whip it good.

Jukebox – Kidz In The Hall
Friday Aug 6 4:15 PM, Perry’s
Just press play on the video, and try not to shake your little thang. Chicago’s own Naledge playfully rhymes over a retro beat in that witty lyrical styling reminiscent of fellow hometown rapper Lupe Fiasco. The combination of two makes it hard to not at least nod your head along this jam.

2 AM – Slightly Stoopid
Saturday Aug 7 6:45 PM, adidas MEGA
If you want to be transported to the islands, this is the song to do the trick. With slightly unintelligible lyrics over a reggae beat and horns, this is simply a great summer song. And something tells us those lyrics he’s mumbling have something to do with weed. Just saying.

The Harder They Come – Jimmy Cliff
Friday Aug 6 7:15 PM, Playstation
One of reggae music’s classics, by one of reggae music’s legends. From the movie of the same name, The Harder They Come manages to be politically charged yet makes you feel good at the same time.

Crystalised – The xx
Saturday Aug 7 3:15 PM, Playstation
Okay, so maybe this isn’t the kind of music you’d listen to in an effort to pump yourself up for, well, anything, but this is definitely the kind of track you’d listen to if you’re trying to mellow out. This haunting dream-pop envelops you into a world of chill.

El Microfono – Mexican Institute of Sound
Sunday Aug 8 4:30 PM, Perry’s
A meld of several different sounds, it’s hard to describe this song in a few sentences. In fact, it was hard to choose which song by this artist would make it on the playlist, since they were all an ecclectic mix of sounds that somehow worked together. (Alcoatel and Escribeme Pronto were in close contention.) The president of EMI Mexico, Camilo Lara is the frontman to this group, which adds to their mystique.

Yea Yeah – Matt & Kim
Friday Aug 6 5:00 PM, adidas MEGA
This infectiously poppy song is perfect for those that like to sing along. Don’t worry about knowing the words; this uptempo ditty has a catchy chorus of “Yea Yeah” repeated enough times to get it stuck in your head from now until they close the gates at Grant Park Sunday night.

Armada Latina – Cypress Hill
Sunday Aug 8 7:00 PM, adidas MEGA
Latinos stand up! With a more robust sound, Cypress Hill unites with Pitbull and Marc Anthony to create this anthem for Latinos everywhere. Marc Anthony kills it on the chorus!

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