If your a fan of erotic literature or tasteful sex or not-so-tasteful sex for that matter, then you will absolutely love these books I had the pleasure of reading. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by Anne Rice (written as A.N Roquelaure)
In book one of the Sleeping Beauty Trio, The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty is awaken from her deep slumber by a prince who breaks the hundred year spell cast upon her- though not with a kiss. This book leaps right into erotic lit as the prince begins performing oral sex on Beauty. You will not be able to put this book down- guaranteed! The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy is very interesting and beautifully written, it keeps you wanting for more!

The second book of the series, Beauty’s Punishment, adheres to the title quite literally. In it, Beauty has been paid to the prince who aroused her awake and broke the spell as a token of gratitude for not only awakening the most beautiful princess ever to have lived, but for awakening the rest of the castle. Beauty is taken to the Princes castle where, in his private chambers, she becomes his sex slave. Soon Beauty falls in love with another concubine and endures kinky punishments. If I could sum up this book in once word I’d have to pick, “naughty”.

In the third book Beauty’s Release, Beauty is stolen from the “village” (a place her prince sends her for even more straining sexual punishments by the common people) by lusty military pirates. I won’t give away the ending to this well written book but I can tell you there is, as you would expect, a lot more sex and, as you won’t suspect, some steamy secrets revealed. The end is a guaranteed shocker! I could hardly believe what becomes of our heroine. Beauty’s Release is definitely a must read for the open minded.

Sinner Takes All: A Memoir of Love and Porn by Tera Patrick
Sinner Takes All
isn’t just about porn. It’s also about Tera’s life before her role as a super sexy mistress of adult films. In her memoir, Tera shares pictures and personal stories in this hauntingly personal story. Her voice through the pages is humble and confident through out the stories. Tera wasn’t always this put together and sure of herself. Her mom turned her back on her and her family at a young age. Left to fend for herself, Tera takes you down her path of drugs, alcohol, and sex. Tera’s life fell apart before it was put back together. If you ever wondered about behind the scenes of adult entertainment this book will feed your curiosity. Sinner Takes All is tasteful, well written, and brutally honest.

Sins Of the Flesh by Caridad Pineiro
Caterina is the main character in the delightfully sexy Sins of the Flesh. She is a beautiful Latina and world famous cellist in need of survival. After having her genes altered, Caterina becomes a whole new women. Caught up in the middle of a murder she may or may not have committed, she falls for a dangerous mercenary sent to capture her named Mick. As Caterina and Mick get more and more tangled up together, the book takes an erotic turn that’s sexier then you could imagine. Pick up the novel to find out if Mick turns on his new love interest and turns her into the scientists he was hired by. If you love romance novels, you’ll love this book!

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