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Resi’s Bierstube, located in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood, is an authentic German outpost without the typical family dining experience. This isn’t a bad thing in most cases, but there is something less formal…more relaxed at Resi’s. I begin this 3-part German restaurant series on the North Side. As the series progresses, I will take you on a journey out of the city and into the suburbs. This way, readers throughout Chicagoland can experience German food and drink without trekking too far from their homes.

My first time at Resi’s was a memorable one that was shared with family. My cousin and I, after braving a harrowing ride to the city on one dark, winter evening found ourselves in front of Resi’s.  If you are a city-dweller, you may be aware of the slushy, cold puddles that tend to build up along the curbs of the streets during winter as the ice and snow melt and re-ice. Well, as my cousin stepped out of the passenger side of the car, she had the misfortune of stepping into one of these said puddles. Unfortunately, she was wearing footwear that absorbed water with the efficiency of a Sham-Wow.

Our goal was now to get warm – quick, and Resi’s did not disappoint.  Walking in, I was reminded of the homes and bars from the 70s that family and friends owned. When I was a kid, I was always put off by the gold hue of the tinted lights and the brown and orange upholstery of the furniture. I have say, the décor of the restaurant-bar was quite like this – and appropriately so. The warmth of the radiated heat and the cozy, nostalgic surroundings were the best remedy for cold feet. The food and drink would ultimately heal our empty bellies.

To expedite the progression of our comfort, we started with a shot of Jagermeister. This may seem a bit like a stereotypical college choice, but the spicy, licorice liquor was what we needed. I proceeded to order a couple links of knackwurst (my favorite German sausage) which were accompanied by a couple slices of rye bread. My cousin, with great presence of mind, ordered the schnitzel with all of its porky, fried goodness. Of course, we mustn’t forget the beer. I ordered a liter from their 15 German draft selections. I have to say, I prefer to drink beer in quantities that require the use both hands to consume. By the end of our meal, we were full, happy, and warm.

Since it is summer and outdoor venues quite enticing, I suggest a visit to Resi’s beer garden. If you want a memorable experience all your own, visit Resi’s Bierstube at 2034 W. Irving Park Road.

Monday – Friday: 3PM – 2AM
Saturday: 3PM – 3AM
Sunday: 3PM – 1AM

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