As a part of Goodman Theatre’s Latino Theatre Festival, the Albany Park Theatre Project performed Feast, a play about something every Chicagoan can relate to: FOOD. The young-adult theater troupe takes the audience through a gastronomic journey of different cultures and generations.

Fishing in the Philippines, shopping through the aisles at Aldis, cutting down sugar cane in Puerto Rico, and filling out forms for food stamps are among the vignettes that comprise this colorful play. All the characters, coming from different cultural histories, are united by food—its plenitude and scarceness.

Join the Albany Park Theatre Project for Feast, running October 15 through November 13 at The Laura Wiley Theater at Eugene Field Park (5100 North Ridgeway, Chicago).

The Albany Park Theater Project is an organization devoted to mobilizing young, multi-ethnic Chicagoans to create socially relevant theater. In doing so, they have strengthened the community of Albany Park and Chicago as a whole. Check their website for updates, news, and up-coming productions.

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