Bookworm Ready August Reads

For Fans of Beatrix Kiddo, Wonder Woman, and Susan B. Anthony:
Wives of the Signers: The Women Behind the Declaration Of Independence by Harry Clinton Green is not just a book full of dry dates in our history. It turns the spotlight on the feelings and struggles of the strong women whose husbands wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence. Filled with letters and pictures, the book is both incredibly romantic and altogether heart breaking. It is a must read for all the strong women doing the best they can in life.

For Anyone who wants to Break Out:
Escape, by Carolyn Jessop, a memoir of a trapped life. Carolyn was born into a polygamist family and remained trapped in the polygamist lifestyle for 38 years. She finally got out by escaping one night with her eight children. Not only was she escaping a cult like religion, but also from an abusive husband whom she was forced to marry at 18, becoming his fourth wife. Carolyn was also abused by her sister wives who beat her and her children as well as there own. This book takes you through her day to day life of being confined to a world where a women has no freedom, no choices and no love other than that of the love of her children. This book is a must read if you are a believer in hope and are thankful for a better tomorrow.

For the Swashbuckling, Treasure-Hunting Friends of Jack Sparrow:
Under The Black Flag: The Romance and Reality of Life Among the Pirates is defiantly one of the best pirate books I have ever read! David Codingly’s book delivers a more in depth look at the pirates’ lives at sea. From ship fights, to ship wrecks, to ghost ships, you’ll have a hard time putting this  book down. Under the Black Flag will feed the pirate in you. Filled with pages of maps of where treasure once was buried (and still may be buried), horrific torture sessions, and daring escapes, each page is a crazy adventure. It’s a great book for those of us that don’t believe in throwing our anchors down.

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