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As curious as I have become about time travel over the years, it was practically out of necessity that I stop in a place that has a lifesize Delorean in their front window. The Wormhole, located at 1462 N. Milwaukee in Wicker Park, is a new coffee shop that will make you want to throw your hot Starbucks cup in the face of the next yuppie you see.

The A-Frame chalkboard outside The Wormhole reads: “The nostalgia is free. The coffee isn’t. Both are awesome.” Never have the words on a chalkboard been more true. Fully equipped with ‘80s and ‘90s memorabilia from Ghostbusters and Back to the Future posters and Caleco Vision and Sega Master System in the free wi-fi sitting area to the Calvin and Hobbes artwork in the men’s room all the way down to the Sesame Street thermos and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stuffed animals, this coffee shop is a beautiful, futuristic trip down memory lane.

The original art from Bill Anderson also makes for a radical morning experience on a 9 AM jittery, coffee buzz. Check it out here.

In addition to the delicious Metropolis Coffee, they also serve cereal by the bowl (I had Cocoa Puffs on my most recent visit), yummy pastries, sandwiches, Vegan options, cups made from biodegradeable corn instead of plastic, and some good conversationalists for baristas. The Wormhole has been open for about a month, but as the aforementioned chalkboard outside also reads: “Stop in before you’re out of time.”

The Wormhole

1462 N Milwaukee Ave
(between Evergreen Ave & Honore St)
Chicago, IL 60622
Neighborhood: Wicker Park

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