iBravo y felicidades España! The Spaniards played the style of futbol designed to take home the Cup. Impenetrable defense, timely scoring, and hustling intensity goes a long way, as Spain proved by winning their first World Cup in their storied tradition with these disciplines playing a huge factor in their trek to the title. The matchup against Holland was one that will go down in history as one of the best defensive and goaltending championships ever. Gozamos’ own Claudio Alberto Cortes predicted this matchup and the final score before the tournament even started, although he did say that the goal would be scored by David Villa-close enough, eh Nostradamus?

That prediction seemed logical enough, as Villa’s scoring carried Spain through most of the tournament, but it was the latest game winning goal in World Cup history by Andres Iniesta in the second overtime period that won it for Spain. Yellow card for taking off his shirt in tow, Iniesta and his Spanish teammates were ready to celebrate! iBravo!
As the rest of the field looks back on what could have been, and the streets of Madrid and Barcelona continue to rage on, we take a look at some of the highlights and lowlights of the 2010 World Cup from South Africa:

Early, easy goals allowed by internationally renowned goalkeepers prompt complaints about the gnarly ball. Just make the saves, and you won’t need to complain.

The French team stands up for their own suspended player, and as a result boycott practice. Needless to say, all coach’s authority and French chances of winning at all completely diminished.

The booing of Uruguay’s Suarez by the South African fans. OK, so he knocked out Ghana and Africa’s representation in the tournament with a questionable handball. The booing showed a lack of understanding of the game and took away from Uruguay’s accomplishments in the tournament. He did what he had to do to keep his team alive, and he’s a great player. No boos.

And for the highs:

Holland, after knocking out #1 ranked Brazil, advances to play Spain in the final- a matchup of two European powerhouses who have never won it all.

Spanish Goalkeeper Iker Casillas wins Adidas Golden Glove after posting yet another shutout in the Final.

Adidas Golden Boot shared by Germany’s Muller, Spain’s Villa, and Holland’s Sneijder after all 3 stars scored 5 goals this year.

Uruguay’s Diego Forlan takes home the Golden Ball as the Cup’s top player.

Once again, thank you to host country South Africa, and congratulations to first time winner and Gozamos favorite Spain on the momentus accomplishment! Hopefully, the success stories this year from every country who participated in the 2010 FIFA World Cup will translate into more viewers and a stronger following here in America. I wouldn’t hold my breath though as we are still such a young country compared to the rest of the futbol world. Only time will tell…

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