Adobo Grill in Wicker Park

I have a new favorite place! It’s the Adobo Grill located in Wicker Park. Not only is it a beautiful place to eat, but the food is absolutely delicious. The enchanting art on the walls pick you up and place somewhere else entirely. Great for dates or just a serene place to eat.

I have tried a lot of tamales, but Adobo Grill knows their stuff when it comes making them. Since I’m such a soup lover, I had their tortilla soup which was only $5.99. Some of the food on the menu may be a little pricey, but its worth it. Quantity and quality live up to high standards, and best of all, they have a kids menu. Get your little one Mexican pizza, pasta or tacos for under $5.00.

Since summer is here try one of there cold desserts! I did. When I saw they had chocolate Mexican ice cream, coconut and strawberry, I drooled. These delightful treats were under $6.00. Also try their chocolate tamal. I give this place five stars for beauty and taste!