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What can I say? I’m a sucker for the classics.

There is no sneaker is more of a classic than Converse’s Chuck Taylors which were introduced almost a hundred years ago during the 1910s. Now you can get them in high tops, low tops, custom made, Chuck boots even! No matter who you are, the iconic Chucks have been on your feet at one point or another, right?

Made of cloth and a super thin rubber sole, it’s hard to believe that guys really played basketball in these bad boys. When you look at basketball shoes of today, it’s almost impossible to imagine a girl rocking them with a dress, gangbangers sporting them on the block, or the metalheads wearing them to OzzFest but that’s the power and the reach of Chuck Taylors. Everyone’s got their something, and apparently, everyone’s got a pair of Chuck Taylors too!

Chucks have stood the test of time. They may not be worn on the hardwood anymore, but you can find them on people’s feet just about anywhere else in the world. With so many trends coming and going at breakneck speeds, classic Chucks have stuck around for one reason: everybody loves them. Regardless of age, race, gender, Zodiac sign, or favorite color the appeal transcends differences. I dare you to think of another sneaker with that type of unification power.

I can’t even try to count the number of different pairs I’ve had throughout the years, though as I write this I am, sadly, Chuck-less. Back in the day, I do remember purposefully mismatching my Chucks to create my own new pairs of Chucks. That even became one of my trademarks: one green Chuck with black laces, one black Chuck with Rasta laces. One all blue Chuck, one peace sign patterned Chuck. And on and on I go through my ill-advised, happy-go-lucky, idealistic little world. . . Chucks and all.

Universal. That’s the word I’d use to describe these monumental sneakers, and it is the word I want you to take from all this bullshit I’m spitting.


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