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MR. Gee’s

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I was feeling a little under the weather and found myself longing for soup. But where can you get good soup? Most places stop selling it around where I live due to the approaching hot weather. I found myself nowhere near interested in making any for myself, and my husband out-right hates soup. So why torture myself slaving over a hot stove? And I’m sorry, but sometimes soup from a can doesn’t exactly get me excited about eating.

Lucky for me driving around on my quest for soup, I came across Mr. Gee’s. Located at 4436 West Fullerton in Hermosa (one of two locations). My husband and I were both elated when we saw their sign saying they served BBQ. It looked like a kid-friendly place which was a important because I have the three-year-old that is way too loud and likes to point at random things while standing on chairs.

Walking in to Mr. Gee’s restaurant I realized quickly they have a never ending menu had low prices. You can get a slab of BBQ ribs for $8.95, and they have tacos with your choice of meat for a little over a dollar. To top it off, they had tamales! And, yes, they had soup. Their hot chicken rice was creamy, very delicious, and is served through summer. Mr. Gee’s is definitely a place worth trying. They’re famous for their barbecue chicken and ribs; one taste and you would see why. The amount of food you get with one order is almost overwhelming and induces second-servings. You won’t catch me complaining; left-overs anyone?

My absolute favorite thing about eating at Mr. Gee’s, besides fulfilling my soup hunger, was there large, soft served ice-cream. In a cone or cup, vanilla or chocolate at one low price of $1.50. I chose the the chocolate/vanilla twist. It kept my three-year-old happy and seated for ten minutes.

Mr Gee’s‎
4440 West Fullerton Avenue,
Chicago, IL 60639
(773) 235-1166‎

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