Someone asks you: “What can you teach others?” What would you teach? This was the challenge presented to any community member who was willing to share his/her skills with the community (only a will required), and the result is a mix of 60 skills that will be available for anyone to learn…for free.

Head over to Wicker Park on June 19th with an open mind, and join 45 or 90 minute sessions of learning! From yoga to salsa making, hypnotism to the Korean language, belly dance to self defense, photoshop to Zumba, Learnapalooza has you covered. The list is ridiculous in length, so check it out here.

To plan the day effectively, visit the day’s schedule and RSVP as soon as possible to save your spot in the session.15 neighborhood venues have generously offered to host the classes, such as the Wicker Park Lutheran Church, Buffalo Exchange, Mazi Dance Fitness Centre and Quimby’s Bookstore, among others, so you’ll get intimately familiar with Wicker Park.

The folks who have organized Learnapalooza have a simple belief: that everyone has something to share. Their hope is that the “festival encourages all attendees to realize how much they have to teach and learn from others,” and that it “will give neighbors a chance to meet one another in a setting which allows for the foundation of new and interesting relationships.”

It is too late to offer your teaching skills, but you can still be put on the teacher wait list. Or if you want to really support the event, they are still welcoming volunteers.

It is the first year the event is being held, so have fun, be critical and offer suggestions for improvement. The idea arose from CommuniTeach, a website that allows individuals to freely share skills and learn from one another throughout the year.

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